Nov 12, 2015

October 2015 - JA Carnival

We had a fun time at the carnival this year. I had a shift that started at 5:30, so we got there fairly early. Here is my little Spidergirl before heading to the football field. 

Every year prior to this one I've had to walk around with her, or have Reagan or our baby sitter there while I worked my shift. This year, I allowed SM to walk around unsupervised for the first time. I told her not to leave the football field and to check in with me every 15 minutes or so. And she did. I was so very proud of her. She would go play a game, then come bring me her prize to keep up with. But, at least she obeyed and checked in. 

Once Reagan was there, we ate, then the two of them went into the "Chamber of Chills." Now, I had already seen a few things that had been built for this attraction. Seeing just that on the FB page of the teacher in charge of this attraction was enough to scare me. 

After they came out, we went back to the football field for a few minutes. We ran into SM's teacher. 

We finished up the night with SM playing on the bungee jumper. I'm not sure you can tell from the pictures, but that is what a tired momma looks like. 

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