Nov 12, 2015

October 2015 - The MS State Fair

Every October the MS State Fair is set-up at the Fairgrounds in Jackson. We try to go at least once. This year we were able to play with friends and family twice. Our first visit was on Sunday afternoon after church. During this time of year we never know what to expect of the weather. When we left home that morning it was cool outside. By the time church was over, it was probably 80 degrees or higher. We still had a great time. 

We went with Reagan's sister, her daughter and her daughter's family. These two couldn't be more different, but they enjoyed each other. Sara Madalin is a little dare-devil. Daphney plays it safe. Together, they balance each other. 

The first thing on our agenda was to grab something to eat. Sara Madalin and I ate Chicken-on-a-stick. We also had a funnel cake and a biscuit. There's a booth at the fair that hands out free biscuits and there is always a line. 

Then the girls rode a few rides. They both agree on this one. It lifts you up and drops you a few times. 

We always stop to see Mr. Percy and his animals. The girls went into the tent without us. When they came out SM couldn't wait to get her hands on Hercules, Mr. Percy's boa constrictor. 

The following weekend, our friends, the Suhors, came to visit. We hadn't told SM they were coming. She has this habit of not being able to sleep the night before a trip or special event. And when I say that she's not able to sleep, I don't mean she just wakes up a few times in the night. Girl is up every hour. I can't handle that. So, when I brought her home from school that afternoon, they were there. She was happily surprised. 

We treated them to dinner at Wynndale Steak House. It's an old grocery store that has been turned into a restaurant. In the 21 years that Reagan and I have known each other, the only thing that has changed is that the menu went from being just a printed piece of paper, to being a laminated piece of paper. It's classy y'all. 

I forgot my selfe-stick at home, so this was the best pic I could get. 

The "other Reagan" and my little firecracker. 

The next day we headed to Madison to our friends' house to watch the game. It was the Saturday Ole Miss played (and lost to) Memphis. It was a sad, sad, day. 

But then we ate some chips and dip and we were all better. 

We went to the fair together after the game. But first, a group picture.  

This year, Sara Madalin graduated from the kiddie ride section to the big kid rides. She had a great time. 

And, of course, more Fair food. My once-a-year caramel apple. 

A little cotton candy because SUGAR!

We had fun. 

The next morning we took things easy. We got up and had some breakfast. The boys worked on something computer related. SM and Avery played upstairs. The "other Reagan" and I took a nap.

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